MI40 – The Myth Buster


Do you know what are the common misunderstandings circulating among people who want to have a washboard abs? MI40 writer, Ben Pakulski, shares a few of them:

1.    We focused too much on lifting heavier weight. We believe that the more weight we are able to lift, the more muscle it will form.
2.    Believing that we all have that one weak body part that no matter how hard we trained it, it just doesn’t even grow very strongly. The fat just keep on clinging to that body part regardless of whatever exercises we assigned to focus on that part.
3.    We don’t know whether we have done enough for that day or we’re not doing the exercises hard enough to ensure that we got that coveted muscle growth. We just wished we have done enough without knowing for sure that we did. But you can never tell whether you have done just the right amount of exercises, can’t you?
4.    There isn’t any training session which is able to elicit maximum testosterone response, an important hormone to ensure muscle growth.
5.    Dieting will give us muscles. But the fact is, regardless of every protein-rich diet we have done, the only thing it manages to do is to add more fat to our belly, the place we’ve been dying to sculpt.

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MI40 busts all that myths and misconceptions about bodybuilding. This training system for sure is going to sculpt every single muscle of your body to your desired shape in just 40 days. Why 40? It’s because 40 is the optimum number for our body to ensure maximum natural muscle growth, without drugs, without any additive pills needed.

MI40 is recommended for everyone, regardless of age, who wants to stay in shape; although it’s not recommended for teenagers under 15 years old. Scientifically proven and tested, this system is definitely going to bust all those myths along with your stubborn fat and sculpt your body like you’ve never seen before.



Ben Pakulski – How to burn the fat off your ass

Ben Pakulski is one of the top ranked IFBB Pro Bodybuilder. Ben has always shared his immense knowledge in the form of articles and fitness products. He is a regular writer and has written for some of the famous fitness magazines like Muscular Development. Ben Pakulski has launched few of the fitness products which will teach you how to burn the fat off your ass. Ben takes you through each exercise with expertise and makes you perform all exercises with real intensity. This is what he calls as the real workout.

To perform the exercises with perfection, Ben has provided the users with a 52 pages exercise execution guide. This guide is an addition to the videos which are the main focus of the product. The aim is to keep you guided even if you are not able to watch the videos at any point of time. The guide can be printed and used by the user to revise the exercises in case they forget the right way of execution.

The other feature of the program is 23 pages of workout sheets. These sheets can be printed and taken to gym. This is simply great idea as the sheets are in form of tables. There is also a workbook on supplement stack protocol. It is a 19 page guide which helps you have a deep knowledge of the recommended supplements which you must take while taking up the training. These supplements not only help you complete the training with more fitness but also help you in the long run of life to keep you healthy and strong. There are also one hour around interrogation audio files where you get to hear some of the very less known tricks from Ben. This matter is something you do not find on public forums.

The most important part of the package is the pursuit calendar. People usually do not know the right routine of workout. This calender has all the details of the exercises which you must practice each day along with the rest days mentioned. This calendar if followed religiously will help you burn the fat off your ass as quickly as you expected. The great idea is to keep the print out of this calendar handy so that you are always motivated to be on the right track.

Ben’s MI40 is available online from the Ben Pakulsi’s website. The product with all its features can be downloaded from there. The video demonstration and nutritional manuals are what makes MI40 different from other fitness products in the market. MI40 program is best suited to people who want to attain a professional fitness and want their physique to match the pro bodybuilder level. The program is a practical solution as it is just 5 days workout per week. Proper rest intervals have been given in between consecutive wokouts. Being an intense workout the intervals have a significance and benefit you in regaining strength.